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Quick Move

In 2D drawing windows, the texts or sub-blocks in the block are moved by clicking the "Quick Move" command or by pressing the "M key" , which is the shortcut, without exploding the block. 

For example, if the reinforcement text in the block is clicked, only the reinforcement text is moved. If the reinforcement line is clicked, all reinforcement texts are moved along with the reinforcement drawing as a block.

To make quick move:

  • Press M.

  • Click the element in the block content.

  • Take it to its new location.

For example, if you click on the story name from the story names block in your section, only the story name text you clicked will move. If you click on the line, the entire story block will be moved along with the story name and drawings to which the line belongs.

To make quick move:

  •  Press the M key.

  •  Click on the 6th floor text from the story names block  .

  • Take it to its new location.

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