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Beam exceeds Nmax

This message is created at the beginning of the report by giving the element name and solid.

For example, K101 1st Floor Beam Exceeds Nmax

In TBDY 2018 article, it is obligatory that the design axial pressure force meet the condition N d ≤ 0.10 Ac f ck for the structural system elements to be dimensioned and equipped as beams . Otherwise, these elements will be dimensioned and equipped as columns according to 7.3 , condition exists.

The program does not allow beams to be designed as N> 0.10 Ac f ck. Therefore, this error message is given. Detailed information is given in the subtitle of Beam Report.


  • Enlarge the cross section of the beam given the name and solid.

  • Increase the concrete grade

Repeat the analysis after the procedures.


Ac = cross-sectional area of ​​the beam

fck = characteristic cylinder compressive strength of concrete

Nd = axial force calculated under the combined effect of vertical loads and earthquake loads multiplied by the load factors

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