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Drawing a Slab Edge

With the slab edge command, The boundaries of slabs not defined by beams and shearwalls are defined. The edges of the slabs are surrounded by beams, columns or shearwalls. In some cases (balconies, stair landings, etc.) some edges of the slabs are not covered with these elements, they are empty. In order to define slabs in these areas, slab boundaries must be defined by the slab edge.

Location of Slab Edge Command

You can access it under the Concrete tab in the ribbon menu under the Concrete title.

Usage Steps

To draw a slab edge between the two columns in the image above:

  • Click the Slab Edge icon from the ribbon menu.

  • The slab edge toolbar will open.

  • Click on the end of the column with the left mouse button in the drawing area. The first point of your slab edge will be formed.

  • When you click the end of your other column with the left mouse button, your slab edge will be created.

  • Quit the command by pressing the esc key on the keyboard. You can now define slab.

Usage step

The area to be drawn edge of the slab

Creating the first point of the slab edge

Creating the second point of the slab edge

The formation of the slab edge

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