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Part 43. Use the Wizard for Analysis Settings

In this tutorial, use the wizard for analysis settings.

This video contains the following:

1. Open the Analysis Settings dialog.

2. Select the 2018 TDY Seismic Code.

3. Select the Earthquake Ground Motion Level-2.

4. Select ZB as the site class.

5. Select the point from the map.

6. Select the offline option.

7. Select the building risk category as BRC=3.

8. Set the Story settings.

9. Select Reinforced Concrete as the structural system.

10. Select the Beam-and-slab structures and waffle slab as the slab type.

11. Select the Semi-rigid diaphragm as the diaphragm modeling type.

12. Select the ductility of structure to High.

13. Select the structural type A11 for X direction.

14. Select the structural type A11 for Y direction.

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