With the "Copy to File"  command, you can save your selected data as an ideCAD block (.blk). With the  "Paste from File"  command, you can import your saved block files into your other projects.

Copy to File and Paste from File commands can be accessed from the menu under the ideCAD icon in the upper left corner of the program.

Copy to file process steps:

  • Click on the ideCAD Logo/Copy to File line.

  • Select the objects to be copied.

  • Click the right mouse button, give the base point.

  • In the Save Block window that opens, give the file name and click the OK button.

Paste from file process steps:

  • Click on the ideCAD Logo/Paste from File line.

  • You will see the Load Block window.

  • Double click to select one of your .blk extension files.

  • Complete the process by clicking the point to place it.