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Slab Edge Settings

The slab edge settings are accessed with the Slab Edge Settings command. User- changeable parameters are available in the Settings-structural slab edge dialog.

Location of the Slab Edge Settings Dialog

The slab edge that appears after the slab edge command is run is also available in the auxiliary toolbar.

You can also access the Concrete tab under the Concrete title in the ribbon menu .

Settings - Structural Slab Edge



It is the color of the trim edge lines. A selection is made on the color palette that is opened by clicking and holding down the left mouse button.

Line thickness

The thickness of the slab edge is adjusted. The thickness given here is only visible on the screen. When the project is drawn, it is ignored. You can make the pen thickness to be considered in the plotter from the pen thickness section or by clicking the color box with the shift key.

Line type

Line type of the line forming the slab edge is selected in the plan. Clicking the down arrow buttons to the right of the boxes opens the list of line types. From this list, the desired line type is selected by clicking the left mouse button.

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