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Vertical Response Spectrum

  • Using the coefficients obtained from the map, the spectrum curve is automatically made with equations specified in codes by the program.

  • The design vertical response spectral acceleration determined automatically

International Design Codes

ASCE 7-16 : Vertical Elastic Design Spectrum per ASCE 7-16 with ideCAD

TSC 2018 : Vertical Design Response Spectrum

Notation in ASCE

SMS = The MCER spectral response acceleration parameter at short periods
SaMv = The vertical response spectral acceleration
Sav = The design vertical response spectral acceleration
Tv = The vertical period of vibration. [s]
Cv = is defined in terms of SS in Table 11.9-1

Where a vertical response spectrum is required by codes, vertical response spectral acceleration is developed bu using spectral response acceleration parameters. Vertical Design Response Spectrum is used to consider vertical earthquake effects on the elements. In some cases, vertical earthquake effects can be considered with a constant coefficient, while in other cases the vertical response spectrum can be used. The conditions where the use of vertical response spectrum is required are given in Codes.

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