By using the Retaining Wall Analysis command, the analysis of retaining walls with defined soil and infill properties is performed.

Location of Retaining Wall Analysis Command

You can access the Retaining Wall Analysis command under the Analysis heading of the Ribbon menu Analysis and Design tab .

Usage Steps

  • Switch to the story you want to analyze the Retaining Wall.

  • Click on the Retaining Wall Analysis icon under the Analysis Design icon.

  • After the Retaining Wall Analysis is completed, "Analysis complete. Do you want to see the steel results dialog?" A confirmation screen will appear with a message.

  • When you click the Yes button, Retaining Wall analysis results will be displayed.

  • When the No button is clicked, the analysis will be completed, but the Retaining Wall analysis results screen will not appear.

The result screen can also be viewed by clicking the Retaining Wall icon under the Analysis + Design menu.

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