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Linear Performance Analysis Report

It determines the building performance of the structures by the linear elastic method. After the linear performance analysis, the report is automatically generated and displayed on the screen.

Location of Linear Performance Analysis Command

You can access it under the Analysis and Design tab under the Analysis heading.

You can also access the Concrete , Steel , Structural Inspection tabs under the Analysis heading.

Usage Steps

  • Click the Linear Performance Analysis icon under the Analysis Design icon .

  • The analysis settings dialog will open.

  • After making the appropriate selections for your project, click the OK button.

  • Project will be saved. Do you want to continue? question will appear.

  • When the Yes button is pressed, Linear Performance Analysis will start. Pressing the No button will cancel the operation.

  • After the risky building analysis starts, the Analysis Status window will open. Process steps can be followed from this window.

  • After the analysis is finished, click the OK button in the analysis status window .

  • The strengthening report settings dialog will appear.

  • After selecting the appropriate report titles, click the Create Report button.

  • The linear performance analysis report will be displayed.

Example linear performance analysis report pages

For linear performance analysis, you can find detailed information at Linear Performance Analysis .

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