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  • After the employee performance of existing buildings is determined automatically, the earthquake performance level of the building is determined automatically.

When the linear calculation method or nonlinear calculation method is used in determining the earthquake performance of existing buildings with the Assessment and Design Based on the Shape Change (ŞGDT) approach, the element performances of all elements in the building are determined according to 15.8.2 .

In order for the existing reinforced concrete buildings to be at the Prevention of Migration (LO) performance level, all of the following conditions must be met.

  • As a result of the calculations made for the earthquake direction applied on any floor of the existing reinforced concrete buildings, maximum 20% of the beams can pass into the Göçme Area (GÖ) region.

  • The ratio of the shear forces carried by the vertical elements of which the Distinct Damage Limit is exceeded in both of the lower and upper sections of any floor to the shear force carried by all the vertical elements in that floor should not exceed 30% (In the calculation with the linear method, Equal Columns where (7.3) is provided are not included in this calculation).

  • All other structural system elements must be in the Restricted Damage Zone , Significant Damage Zone or Advanced Damage Zone .

  • Elements that are damaged in brittle must be strengthened.

If the above conditions are met, the building is accepted and reported at the performance level for the Prevention of Migration (GÖ). The use of the building in case of Migration Prevention is harmful in terms of life safety.

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