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Material List

With the Materials command, existing materials and created new materials are displayed in the Material List.

Location of Materials Command

In the Architectural Program

You can access it under the Render title of the ribbon menu Rendering tab .

In the Structural Program

You can access it under the ribbon menu Settings tab Settings heading.

Material List Dialog


List of materials

The materials in the project file are listed with their pictures.


The image of the selected material to be obtained when rendered is previewed.


The preview is shown on the sphere object.


The preview is shown on the cube object.


Preview is not shown.


Opens the material editor window. New material can be defined here.


Creates a copy of the selected material.


Changes can be made to the settings of the selected material.


Deletes the selected material.

Columnd per row

Determines how many materials will be shown side by side in the item list.


Provides easy access to the material by entering the material name in the material list.

Sort items by name

Sorts the items appearing in the list alphabetically.

Pack used textures

Saves the texture images in the material list to a selected folder.

Remove unused materials

Deletes the materials in the material list that are not used in the project from the list.

Load from library

Loads previously saved items to the list.

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