It opens a gap at a certain distance at the beginning or end of the sweep. Shorten the object.

Location of Define End Cut to Edge Command

You can access it from the Ribbon menu Modify tab under Entity Edit title.

Process steps

  • Click the Define End Cut to Edge icon.

  • Click the desired edge on the sweep you previously drew. It will be processed at the end close to the point you clicked.

  • At this stage, enter the amount of space in the "Application Distance" box on the sweep operations toolbar.

  • A gap equal to the value entered in the Application Distance box is created.

  • After the gap is created, the gap distance can be changed by pressing the Esc key and sliding the mouse.

Process step

The initial version of the sweep

Selecting the edge to create the gap

Creating a gap preview as much as the value entered in the application distance box

Changing the gap by pressing the Esc key on the keyboard and scrolling the mouse

Final version of the sweep