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Updating Railing 3D

Update 3D Railing command updates the elevation of the railing object drawn on the object according to the elevation of the railing it is on. This command allows the railing on an object to change according to this change.

Location of Update Railing 3D

You can access it under the ribbon menu Home tab, Entities title.

Usage Steps

  • Define a railing on a zone.

  • Change the elevation of the zone.

  • Click a node on the railing with the Update Railing 3D icon.

  • The railing part belonging to the clicked node will be placed on the elevation of the location.

Usage step

Before update railing 3D

Changing the zone elevation

Selecting the railing node when on the update railing 3D command

After update railing 3D

After all the nodes are updated

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