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Section/Elevation List

The section/elevation list displays the section and elevation lines in the project as a list. The properties of the lines listed in the dialog can be adjusted, deleted, or section/elevation drawing can be made with the section/elevation creation process.

Location of the Section/Elevation List Command

In the Architectural Program

You can access it under the ribbon menu Drawings tab, Tools heading.

In the Structural Program

You can access it under the ribbon menu Tools tab, Generate heading.

Section/Elevation List


Sections/Elevations list

Section and elevation lines are listed.


Prepares the section or elevation with the cursor on it and adds it to the project as a 2-dimensional window. The prepared section/elevation is displayed on the screen.

Generate selection

Prepares the sections and elevations of the selected lines respectively and adds them to the project as 2-dimensional windows. The last prepared section/elevation is displayed.

Generate as block

Contains the selected section or elevation into the layer running as a block. In this way, the data and the section/elevation can be displayed together.

Lock block angle

During the block generate process, the layout of the section or elevation is made at an angle parallel to the section and elevation line. If the option is not checked, the angle is free.


Opens the properties of the selected section or elevation. In the dialog that opens, the parameters and properties of the section and elevation are set.


Deletes the selected section or elevation.

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