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Pile Parameters

With the Pile Parameters command, the design parameters used in the Concrete Pile Design modeled with the Concrete Raft Foundation are determined. Concrete cover, maximum and minimum reinforcement percentage, type of pile (friction pile, end bearing pile) etc. parameters are determined from the pile parameters window.

Location of Pile Parameters Dialog

Ribbon menu Analysis and Design tab Design Parameters title under pile parameters by clicking on the command Pile Parameters can be found in the dialogue.

Pile Parameters

It determines with parameters which criteria the program will comply with in concrete design and rebar placement stage.


Concrete cover

It is the distance from the center of gravity of the tensile rebar inside the pile to the outer face of the concrete.

Min. percentage

It is the ratio that determines the minimum value of the longitudinal rebar to be piled. The product of the gross area of ​​the pile by the minimum percentage parameter determines the minimum rebar area. The program selects the rebar to be put on the stake, not less than this area.

Max. percentage

It is the ratio that determines the maximum value of the longitudinal rebar to be piled. The multiplication of the gross area of ​​the pile by the parameter of maximum percentage determines the maximum rebar area. The program compares the rebar to be impaled with this area. If the area of ​​rebar to be placed in the pile is too much, an insufficient section warning is given for the pile exceeding the pursmail value.

Bearing capacity coefficient (Nc)

The bearing capacity coefficient value used in calculating the bearing capacity of the pile is entered.

Safety coefficient

The safety factor value used in calculating the total permissible bearing capacity is entered.

Qa = Qu / Coefficient of Security

Qu = ultimate bearing strength moment of pile

Qa = Permissible (safe) bearing force moment of pile

Pile type according to method of load transmission

Provide information whether the pile will be designed as an end bearing piles or a friction piles.

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