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Assign Material

With the Assign Material command, the texture can be assigned at once by quickly selecting a surface or element on the perspective screen, and the existing texture can be changed.

Location of the Assign Material Command

You can access it under the ribbon menu Rendering tab, Render title in the architectural program.

Usage Steps

  • Click on the Assign Material icon.

  • The Material List dialog will open.

  • Select the material you want from the list of materials.

  • In assign mode, the material is applied by selecting the wanted surfaces/objects and clicking the assign button. In paint mode, the material is applied when the wanted surfaces/objects are selected.

  • Define your materials by selecting the desired mode and application method and selecting objects on the perspective screen.

  • After the material assignment is completed, you can exit the material list dialog by clicking the OK button.

Usage step

Before assign material

Selecting the material from the material list and switching to assignment mode


Selecting the objects/surfaces to be defined as material

Completing the assignment process by clicking the Assign button

Choosing a new material and switching to paint mode


Painting the objects/surfaces to be defined as material as selected.

After assign material

Material List



List of materials


The materials in the project file are listed with their pictures.


The image of the selected material to be obtained when rendered is previewed.


Opens the material editor window. New material can be defined here.


Creates a copy of the selected material.


Changes can be made to the settings of the selected material.


Deletes the selected material.


Assign materials to the selected surfaces / entities when assignment mode is active.

Mode - Assign

Assign materials to selected surfaces / objects after assigning them to them.

Mode - Paint

Applies materials to selected surfaces / objects as soon as they are selected.

Apply to - Group

Selects the clicked element as object.

Apply to - Face

Selects the clicked element as a surface.


Provides easy access to the material by entering the material name in the material list.

Sort items by name

Sorts the items appearing in the list alphabetically.

Pack used textures

Saves the texture images in the material list to a selected folder.

Remove unused materials

Deletes the materials in the material list that are not used in the project from the list.

Load from library

Loads previously saved items to the list.

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