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Align Entities

With the Align entities command, objects in architectural and structural projects are aligned in a single operation. Selected objects are aligned in that direction by referencing an object.

Location of the Align Entities Command

You can access the Align objects command under the ribbon menu Drawings tab , under the title Modify.

Align Toolbar


Align left

Aligns the selected object to the left.

Align right

Aligns the selected object to the right.

Align top

Aligns selected entities on top.

Align bottom

Aligns selected entities to the bottom.

Align by drawing a path

Aligns the selected entities by drawing the path

Align by selecting an edge of entity

Aligns the selected entities by selecting the edge of entity

Align nearest point

The nearest point of the selected entities is referenced in the alignment.

Align center of object

The center of selected entities is referenced in alignment.

Usage Steps

  • Click the Align Entities icon in the ribbon menu .

  • Select the alignment method that suits your process from the align toolbar that opens.

  • Select the object or entities to be aligned.

  • Select the reference object.

  • The process will be completed.

Usage step

Selecting the object/objects to be aligned

Selecting the reference object

After align entities

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