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Part 49. Analysis and Design

In this tutorial, analysis and design.

This video contain the following:

1. Open the Analysis Settings dialog.

2. Select the Seismic Forces Calculation Method.

3. Select Separate Analysis for basements.

4. Select Use Semi Rigid Diaphragms.

5. Use the General Concrete Reinforcement Parameters command.

6. Use the Column Parameters command.

7. Use the Beam Parameters command.

8. Use the Slab Parameters command.

9. Use the Steel command from the Design Parameters heading.

10. Select AISC 360-16 (LRDF) as design code.

11. Open the Steel Selection dialog.

12. Check the longitudinal and transverse reinforcement diameters for column and beam.

13. Use the Analysis+Design (F9) command.

14. Open the Load Combinations list under the Structure Tree.

15. Open the Steel Design Combinations list under the Structure Tree.

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