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Structural Modeling (

  • Building structural systems 3D analysis model is created automatically.

Element Local Axes Local Axes of Shell Elements

There are 6 freedoms in total, 3 translation vectors and 3 rotation vectors at one end of the frame elements. In this case, for a 3-dimensional analysis, a node must have 6 deformation results.

Similarly, there are a total of 6 freedoms, 3 translation vectors and 3 rotation vectors, at the nodes of the shell elements. However, while creating internal force diagrams in frame elements, stress results occur in shell elements.

In the picture below, an analysis model and deformation shape of a sample structure modeled in 3D can be seen. As you can see, each node has 6 displacement values, 3 of which are translation and 3 rotations.

In the pictures below, a structure and analysis model with different geometry modeled in 3 dimensions is shown.

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