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Define a New Pattern Path

The pattern path object draws a pattern path in the continuous line forum in straight, curve and arc mode by defining the patterns created with primitive objects.

With the define pattern path command, the shape created with primitive objects on the plan view is defined as the pattern path. Delta and connection type are adjusted, pattern path is created by giving the pattern name.

Location of Pattern Path Definition Command

After entering the Pattern Path command under the Primitives title of the ribbon menu Drawings tab , you can access the Define Pattern Path icon from the Path Segments dialog .

Usage Steps

  • Create the pattern with primitive entities such as multiple line, path, arc.

  • Click the Define pattern path icon.

  • Select the pattern you created and click the right mouse button.

  • The User Defined Pattern dialog will open.

  • Select the offset and connection type you want and name the pattern.

  • Clicking the OK button will define a new pattern line.

Usage step

Creating the pattern with primitive objects

Selecting the pattern

Making settings in the user defined pattern dialog and saving them by naming them

New pattern 1

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