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Label Entities

With the label entities command, the names of the selected objects are changed at once. The first name to be used in object naming is determined and the objects to be renamed are selected.

Location of the Label Entities Command

You can access the name object command under the ribbon menu Modify tab Entity Edit title.

Usage Steps

  • Click the Label Entities icon in the ribbon menu .

  • Enter the first name to be used for naming in the dialog that appears (P1, K1, P13. K4 etc.) and click the OK button.

  • Select the object / objects to be named by clicking the left mouse button.

  • If it is necessary to skip names during the selection of objects, you can do so by pressing the space bar on the keyboard. For example; Let S01 be given as the first name. During the object selection, if you press the space key on the keyboard and select the second column after selecting the first column, the name of the first selected door will be S01 and the name of the second selected door will be S03. The number of times the space key is pressed between two selections, that number of names will be skipped.

  • When you have finished the selection, press the enter key on the keyboard. The objects you choose will be named according to your selection order.

Usage Step

Before label entities

Selecting the objects to be named

After label entities

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