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Change Jacket Edge

Column jacketing is done with the Change Jacket Edge command.

Column jacketing is a method used to increase the bearing capacity of the column. Jacketing can be done from one, two, three or four sides, depending on the degree of damage to the columns. Jacketing is the process of placing longitudinal reinforcement around the existing column and wrapping this reinforcement with stirrups and finally closing the perimeter of the existing column by pouring concrete. With the jacketing of the column, while increasing the cross-sectional area of ​​the column, the reinforcement percentage is also slightly increased.

Location of Change Jacket Edge Command

You can access it under the Modify tab Entity Edit in the ribbon menu .

You can also access the column toolbar.

Usage Steps

  • Click the Change Jacket Edge icon.

  • Click any edge of the column or the middle of the column that you want to jacket.

  • Enter the jacket thickness.

  • Click the OK button. The column jacket will form.

  • In order to change the jacket thickness of the jacketed column, the "Change jacket edge" command is used.

Usage step

Column before jacketing

Selection of the column edge to be jacketed

Entering the jackeitng value of 20

Column after jacketing

Column jacketing drawings are automatically drawn in the column application in the program.

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