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Steel tie PMM ratio not satisfied.

This message is created by specifying the element name and floor on which it is located at the beginning of the report.

For example,

T01 BASE STORY PMM ratio not satisfied.

In steel element design, the design ratio under the combined axial force and biaxial bending (PMM ratio) is made by the CYTHYE 2016 (GKT & YDKT), AISC 360-16 (ASD & LRFD) or EN 1993-1-1. According to AISC 360-16, axial force and biaxial bending interaction equations are calculated below.

  • The PMM ratio value should be less than 1,00.

Possible Solutions:

  • Laterally unbraced length can be reduced by defining tension rods in steel ties.

  • After the ties are defined, the undivided purlins from the support beams can be divided from the beams supported using Inclusion of purlins in the analysis system command.

  • Purlin spacing can be reduced.

  • Steel tie cross-section can be enlarged.

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