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Combination of Earthquake Effects for Perpendicular Directions


E d = Direction of combining applied design on the total earthquake effects
E d (H) = Directional coupling applied design basis vertical seismic effect
E d (X) = (X) design under the influence of earthquakes in the principal direction of earthquake effects
E d (Y) = (Y ) earthquake effect under the effect of the earthquake in the direction of the design - Horizontal seismic structural system under the influence of seismic analysis of 4.7 or 4.8.2 case from made by one of the methods listed horizontally perpendicular (X) and (Y) seismic impacts occurring earthquakes defined in accordance with Eq. (4.9) "defined in will be combined as follows:

Wherein M d (X) and E d (Y) , at any cross section perpendicular (X) and (Y) under the influence of earthquakes in accordance 04/10 'by defined and calculated separately earthquake impact, M d (H), the coupling direction applied design basis vertical seismic effect 'n symbolizes. - If the earthquake calculation of the carrier system under the effect of horizontal earthquakes is made in the time history area with the method given in 4.8.3 , since the earthquake components in the horizontal (X) and (Y) directions are defined simultaneously according to 2.5 , the combined horizontal earthquake effect E d (H) is obtained directly as a result of this calculation. 

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