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Ribbon Menu Layout

When the ideCAD is opened for the first time, the 'Graphical User Interface Selection' window will open. When working with the ribbon menu is preferred, the ribbon menu layout becomes active in the ideCAD.

There are menu titles in order in the ribbon menu. Concrete, Steel, Connection etc. When you click on any menu title once, it will switch to that menu, and the section and command icons under the menu appear.

For example, the Concrete menu in the upper screen shot is the Axis section, Axis command icon. When the icon is clicked with the left mouse button, the command runs.

There is a "Down arrow" sign under some commands in the ribbon menu. Clicking the down arrow will show other commands related to the command. In the sample screenshot below, Calculate Contour, Contour Lines, Move Axis Label, Axis Settings commands are shown under the Axis command.


By moving the middle mouse button back and forth on the ribbon menu, you can switch to the previous and next heading.

You can minimize the ribbon menu by double clicking on the menu title.

When the ribbon menu is closed, one can press the left mouse button to minimize or enlarge the menu.

When the right mouse button is clicked on the ribbon menu, it can do the same by checking the shrink band line from the menu that opens.

When you click on the ideCAD icon in the upper left corner, the file menu opens. From this menu, project saving, reloading, import, export operations, etc. commands can be accessed.


Ribbon menu type tips

Key tips provide a way to access the ribbon using the keyboard in the ribbon menu.

Press the Alt key to view key tips.

In the example above, press the C key to switch to the Concrete heading. Then press the A button to run Analysis Settings.

Press the ESC button to hide the key tips.

Searching and running commands in the ribbon menu

In the ribbon menu, any command can be found with the command search line at the top right of the program window and can be run automatically.

For example, to search for the Rectangular Column command,

  • Click the Command Search line in the ribbon. (line shown in red in the upper picture)

  • Start typing Rectangular Column in the search line. As the command is typed, matching commands will begin to be listed.

  • Select the Rectangular column from the list.

  • The ideCAD will direct you to the rectangular column icon, then run the command automatically.

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