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Frame Results of Strip Foundation

You can examine the normal force, shear force and moment values ​​on strip foundations according to the local axes of the element.

Location of Frame Results View Feature

You can access the Foundation Results tab by clicking the Analysis Model command under the ribbon menu, Concrete tab, Structural Inspection heading.

Foundation Results Tab


Show element names

If checked, the names of the elements corresponding to the elements folder in the structure tree are shown above each element.

Show local axis

If checked, show local axis of the elements are shown on the elements.

Show values

If checked, the values ​​of the diagrams will be shown on the structure.

Show units

If show values ​​is checked, it will be active. If marked, the units belonging to internal forces will be shown on the structure.

Manual scale factor

If the option is not selected, the scale factor deemed appropriate by the program is applied for internal force diagrams. If checked, the desired scale factor value can be entered manually in the box to the right.


Normal force, shear force and moment values ​​occurring in foundations are displayed for any selected combination in the element local axes.

1.4G + 1.6Q Moment 3-3 diagram example in Strip Foundations

Case/combination to view

By selecting the appropriate load combination from the list, the internal forces generated in the foundations due to this combination, selected in the component tab, can be graphically examined on the structure.

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