The opening angles of the doors/windows can be changed in the Door/Window Settings dialog.

Location of Door/Window Setting Dialog

The ODT Door/Window toolbar that appears after the Door/ indow command is run is available in the auxiliary toolbar.

Usage Steps

  • Select the door/window whose opening angle you want to change by clicking on it with the left mouse button.

  • Click the right mouse button. Click the Properties line with the left button from the menu that opens . The Door/Window Settings dialog will be displayed.

  • Change the parameter values ​​in the Types tab. The parameters here can be the opening angle or the offset depending on the type of door/window. Angle values ​​must be entered in degrees and the translation values ​​in meters.

  • Positive or negative values ​​can be used for opening directions. The changes made can be viewed simultaneously from the 3D window here.

  • After making the necessary changes, click the OK button to exit the dialog. Changes will be monitored in perspective.

Usage step

Door window opening angle 0

Opening the door/window settings dialog and making the angle 45

Door window opening angle 45