Most adjustments to layers are made in the Layer Settings dialog. New layers are added, a single layer or all layers are turned off so that they are not visible. Layers are locked so that objects are not affected by operations.

Location of the Layer Command

You can access the layer command from the Settings tab, Settings heading.

Layer Settings Dialog


Layer name

The layers in the project are listed.


Whether the relevant layer is open or hide is determined by ticking the box.


Whether the relevant layer will be locked or not is determined by ticking the box.

Hide empty layers on toolbar

By ticking the option, only used layers are listed in the toolbar.

Apply to current drawing only

Changes made are applied only to the active page.

Apply to all stories

Changes made are applied to all story pages.

Apply to all drawings

Changes made are applied to all drawings.

Use for new drawings

Changes made will apply to newly created drawings.


Adds a new layer.


Erases the selected layer.

Show all

Shows all layers at once.

Hide all

Hides all layers at once.

Unlock all

Unlocks all layers at once.

Lock all

Locks all layers at once.

Show/hide imported layers

Turns only the layers of the imported drawings show or hide.

Unlock/lock imported layers

Locks or unlocks layers of imported drawings only.

Remove unused layers

Removes unused layers in the project.