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One-Way Shear Strength.

  • Shear strength is calculated automatically

İnternational Design Codes

ACI 318-19 : One-Way Shear Strength per ACI 318-19 with ideCAD

TSC 2018 : TSC One-Way Shear Strength

Notation in ACI 318-19

Ac-sh = area of concrete used to determine shear stress, in2
Ag = gross area of concrete section, in2
bw = web width or diameter of circular section, in.
d = distance from extreme compression fiber to centroid of longitudinal tension reinforcement, in.
fc ' = specified compressive strength of concrete, psi
(fc')0.5 = square root of specified compressive strength of concrete, psi
fyt = specified yield strength of transverse reinforcement, psi
h = overall thickness, height, or depth of member, in.
Nu = factored axial force normal to cross section occurring simultaneously with Vu or Tu; to be taken as positive for compression and negative for tension, lb
s = center-to-center spacing transverse reinforcement, in
Vc = nominal shear strength provided by concrete, lb
Vn = nominal shear strength, lb
Vs = nominal shear strength provided by shear reinforcement, lb
Vu = factored shear force at section, lb
ϕ = strength reduction factor
λ = modification factor to reflect the reduced mechanical properties of lightweight concrete relative to normal weight concrete of the same compressive strength
λs = factor used to modify shear strength based on the effects of member depth, commonly reffered to as the size effect factor

Nominal one-way shear strength at a section, is calculated by using concrete and transverse reinforcement properties.

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