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With the Chamfer command, lines that intersect themselves or their directions are combined in the drawing area. A new line is used according to the distance values ​​determined to connect the 2 selected continuous lines.

Location of the Chamfer Command

You can access the Chamfer command under the Modify title of the ribbon menu Drawings tab .

Fillet - Chamfer Settings



The 1st distance determines how much the first line selected will shorten from the intersection point during the chamfer operation.

The second distance determines how much the selected second line will shorten from the intersection point.


Radius determines the radius of the arc to be used in the join.

Usage Steps

  • Click the Chamfer icon in the ribbon menu .

  • Click the first and second line.

  • Lines will join through another line.

Usage Step

Choosing the first line

Second line selection

After chamfer

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