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The raft foundation punching safety is not satisfied

The Complete Message:

The raft foundation punching safety is not satisfied. TBDY 7.11.7

The message punching safety is not ensured is given for raft stories without beams together with the solid and element name.

7.11.7 - Punching control in non-beam slabs and non-beam slab foundations can be performed on the basis of the vertical shear stress generated under the effects of earthquakes obtained from the finite element model solution and increased by the Resistance Excess Coefficient D with vertical loads . Finite element for upholstery that shear stress values obtained from the solution or base effective height d including, Eq. (7.27) 'will be achieved given condition.

                                                               τpd pd / d fctd                                                       (7.27)

7.11.10 - If the condition τ pdf ctd is not met and the plate thickness is not less than 250 mm, the punching strength of the slab can be increased by using reinforcement.

Possible solutions:

  • The thickness of the raft foundation can be increased.

  • Punching equipment can be used provided that the slab thickness is at least 250 mm.

  • Concrete class can be increased.

  • Column / shear size size can be increased.

  • There are stroy gaps within the punching perimeter and can be canceled.

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