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In the performance analysis of existing buildings, short columns are defined by their actual free length in the structural system model.

  • All elements, including short columns, are automatically defined in the carrier system with their actual lengths.

Elements defined as short columns according to TBDY 7.3.8 are defined with their real free lengths to the carrier system. Short column elements are elements that exhibit brittle behavior due to shear force. Therefore, for the columns in the seismic performance of existing structures account TBDY Section 7.3.7 according to column control ductility , for beams Section 7.4.5 TBDY according beam control ductility is maintained.

The damage zones (limited damage, significant damage or advanced damage) of the elements specified in section 15.3.1 apply to ductile elements. Since the ductile behavior in reinforced concrete elements is provided by bending, the elements that do not provide shear safety are considered as brittle elements.

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