This message is created at the beginning of the report by giving the name of the element and its solid.

For example,

P07, 1st Floor Cutting security not provided

Curtains :

Ve≤ 0.65 Ac √ fck (for walls with tie beams)

Ve≤ should be 0.85 Ac √ fck (in bulkheads)

In all elements:

Vd ≤ should be 0.22 fcd bw d (TS 500).

And ≤ must be 0.22 fcd bw d (TS 500)

The cut-off insecurity is based on two conditions.

  1. Vr breaking capacity and if the design remains smaller than the cutting force. (And must be <Vr)

  2. And if the design exceeds the Vmax, which must be controlled from the shear force as per regulation

Possible Solutions:

  • For cases 1 and 2, the cross section dimensions of the named and solid element can be enlarged.

  • For case 2, it can increase the transverse (for stirrup selection) reinforcement diameters that can be used for the relevant element in the Reinforcement Selection dialog.

  • Concrete and reinforcement class can be increased for the 1st and 2nd case.



Ac = Column and curtain cross section area

fck = characteristic cylinder compressive strength of concrete

bw = Section width

d = Section height

fcd = Design compressive strength of concrete

Vd = Design shear force calculated under increased vertical loads

Ve = Design shear force calculated considering earthquake code conditions