Line, path, etc. With commands, boundaries that determine the perimeter of the pool are created. With the pool command, borders are converted to pool objects.

Location of Pool Command

In the Architectural Program

You can access the architecture under the ribbon menu Home tab, Roof title.

In Structural Program

You can access it under structural program, ribbon menu, Objects tab, Roof title.

Usage Steps

  • Create a closed area to define the outer contour of the pool.

  • Click the Pool icon in the ribbon menu .

  • The pool toolbar will open.

  • Choose the closed area you have created.

  • When you end the process by pressing the right mouse button, the pool object will be created.

The pool consists of slab covering, pool walls and cantilever slab elements sitting on the walls. These elements, Pool toolbar located in the Pool Surface Slope, Pool Surface Properties, Set Pool Wall Properties and Set Pool Cantilever Slab Properties edited by running Settings commands.

Usage step

Creating a closed area that will determine the outer contour of the pool

Choosing the confined space

The formation of the pool