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Shift View

View shifting done to see different parts of the drawing, keeping the zoom factor constant, without using the zoom in/out operation in the drawing area. The pan command or the middle mouse button (wheel) is used for view shifting.

Shift View with Pan Command

The Pan command is used to move the drawing area and see other parts of the drawing on the screen without changing the zoom factor.

Location of Pan Command

You can access it from the ribbon menu, View tab, Zoom title.

Usage Steps

  • Click the pan icon.

  • The cursor will change to the shape of the hand.

  • Any point of the drawing area is clicked with the left mouse button.

  • Keeping the button pressed, the mouse is moved to the intended direction. The view also shift with the mouse.

  • Press the Esc key on the keyboard to exit the pan mode. Or click the right mouse button and click the Cancel line from the pop-up menu.

Usage steps

Before pan

After pan

Shift View with Middle Mouse Button

If the mouse is moved while the middle mouse button is pressed, the cursor changes and takes the shape of a hand, and the view shifts in the direction of mouse movement.

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