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Creating Formatted Text

In the project design with the formatted text command, the text is written in a specific format, separated by tabs or columns. The text is written by giving the text format. A table layout is obtained by creating a column.

Location of Formatted Text Command

In the Architectural Program

You can access it under the ribbon menu, Drawings tab, Text title.

In the Structural Program

You can access it under ribbon menu, Drawings tab, Text title.

Text Toolbar



Runs the text command.

Formatted text

It allows text to be written in a specific format, separated by tabs or columns.

Import text

Pastes any text written in any program in text format into the drawing area.


Opens the Text Settings dialog with text parameters.

Usage Steps

  • Click the Formatted Text icon in the ribbon menu .

  • Click on any point of the drawing area with the left button.

  • Drag the mouse to the direction you want to write in and click the left button again. This process will determine the angle of the post.

  • When the process is finished, the formatted text dialog will appear on the screen where you can write text.

  • Close the dialog by creating your post and clicking the OK button.

  • Your formatted text will be created.

Usage step

Creating the first point to determine the angle of the text

Creating the second point to determine the angle of the text

Writing and setting the text in the formatted text dialog

Formation of formatted text

Location of the Formatted Text Settings Dialog

Formatted Text Command Settings

The formatted text dialog is displayed while creating the formatted text, and you can see your edits simultaneously on your text. Your article will be created according to your edits.

Formatted Text Object Settings

Select the text you want to enter its settings, click the right button of the mouse and click the Properties line from the menu that opens.

Formatted Text Settings


Font is selected. When clicked on it, the font is selected from the drop-down list.

The height of the article is entered.

The color of the text is chosen. When the color box is clicked, the appropriate color is selected from the window that opens.

You can choose between bold, italic, and underlined font options.

You can choose from subscript, superscript, and strikethrough font options.

Select one of the left align, center, and right align paragraph type options.

The text you have created and the settings you have made are displayed. You can determine the starting and ending points of the article by using the arrows on the upper side.

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