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Saving/Loading Composite Material

You can save the newly created composite materials to the archive for later use, and reuse the recorded composite materials by loading them into the project.

Location of Save/Load Material Commands

You can access the Save and load material commands from the Composite Material Editor dialog that opens when you click the Composite Materials icon .

Saving the Created Composite Material

  • Complete the creating composite material process.

  • Click the Save Material button at the bottom left of the dialog.

  • The selected composite material will be saved in the archive.

Loading the Saved Compound Material

  • Click the Composite Materials icon.

  • Click the Load Material button on the lower left of the Composite Material Editor dialog .

  • The Composite Material List dialog will open. Select the composite material from this dialog.

  • When you click the OK button, your material will be loaded.

Composite Material List


Composite material list

Composite materials in the archive are listed.


Loads the composite material selected from the list to the project.


Closes the dialog without loading.


Erases the selected composite material from the archive.

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