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Vertical Walls of Rectangular Plan Buildings

  • Pressure coefficients depending on reference heights, ze and aspect ratio h/b are calculated automatically.


b = Width of the structure
cpe,10 = External pressure coefficient
h = Height of the structure
qb = Basic velocity pressure
qp(ze) = Peak velocity pressure
ze = Reference height
we = Wind pressure acting on the external surfaces

The wind pressure acting on the external surfaces, we is obtained from equation below. Pressure coefficients cpe should be defined for each zone.

The reference heights, ze, for windward walls of rectangular plan buildings depend on the aspect ratio h/b and are always the upper heights of the different parts of the walls.

The values of cpe,10 are given in EN 1991-1-4 Table 7.1

Shape of velocity pressure of wind action is given in EN 1991-1-4 Figure 7.4 for the following three cases:

In the ideCAD software, the regions to which the pressure coefficients will be applied are calculated automatically.

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