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Message and Information Lines

In ideCAD, the user is informed simultaneously about the process made with the message line. With the information line, information is given about the object that the mouse cursor is on.

Message line

It is located at the bottom of the program. The relevant information about the transaction is sent to the user on this line.

We can divide the information written in the message line into two groups.

  • Knowledge of the steps that need to be taken when using commands;

"Determine the point where the library will be placed." like.

  • Warnings;

Like "the starting and ending points cannot be the same".

Information line

The information line is in the lower left corner of the program.

When the mouse pointer hovers over the object, information about the object is transmitted to the user here. This information is object properties and names.

In the table below, there are examples of information that will appear in the information line when you move the mouse cursor on the relevant object.

Object Name - Information Line

Axis - Name / Distance to Origin

Wall - Name / Width / Height

Door / Window - Name Width / Height

Column- Name 1st size / 2nd size

Beam - Name Width / Height Wall Load

Shearwall - Name Width / Length

Single Footing - Name 1st size / 2nd size / Thickness

Strip Footing - Name Width / Height / Foot Width

Zone - Location Label (If no label is provided, Location) / Area

Slab - Name Height Self Load Live Load

The user understands from the information line that the cursor is on the object, that he can select the object, and that he can perform operations on the object.

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