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Creating a Door / Window Handle

After the door/window handles are designed with polygon, they are made three-dimensional with the extension process. When the connection is made with the frame or the wing, it moves together.

Drawing Door / Window Handle

Drawing a window handle:

  • Click the Line Drawing / Polygon .

  • Draw the top view of the arm in plan view.

  • Click on the Change / Extend line.

  • Click on the polygon.

  • Enter the values ​​x = 0, y = 0, z = 0.3 from the dialog box that appears (You can do the extension by moving the extended part with the mouse, but it will be useful to enter values ​​from the dialog box to ensure that the values ​​are integers.)

Connecting a Door / Window Handle to Wing

You need to connect the extended arm to the wing, because after the fastening process, when the wing is turned as if the arm is a part of the wing, it will rotate with the wing without distorting its placement on the wing.

  • Click the Create / Set Up Frame-Wing Object Link line.

  • Click on the safe.

  • Click on arm

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