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Shear Design per EN 1993-1-1


VEd = Design value of the shear force
Vc,Rd = Design shear resistance
S = The first moment of area about the centroidal axis of that pOltion of the cross-section between the point at which the shear is required and thc boundary of the cross-section
I = Second moment of area of the whole cross section
t = Thickness at the examined point
fy = Yield strength
YMO = Partial factor for resistance of cross-sections whatever the class is
τEd = Design shear stresses

6.2.6 Shear

Design of shear should satisfy Eq. 6.17.

For class 1 and 2:

Av, shear area, is taken into account as follows:

  • For I and H sections:

  • for channel sections:

For class 3 and 4:

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