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Pushover Analysis Methods

5.6.1. Pushover Analysis Methods – Within the scope of this Regulation, Single Mode Pushover Analysis Methods described in 5.6.2 to 5.6.5 and Incremental Response Spectrum Analysis  defined in 5.6.6 can be used in nonlinear earthquake calculation. – As in all non-linear methods, non-linear incremental static calculations are made under non- earthquake loadings, as specified in , in the initial step (step 0) of the calculation . Internal forces and strains obtained from this calculation will be considered as initial values ​​in the earthquake calculation. Non-linear deformations caused by vertical loads are not allowed in newly constructed buildings. – The evaluation is completed according to the deformation by comparing the plastic deformations (for example, plastic rotations) that are the basis for the evaluation, which corresponds to the ductile behavior obtained as a result of the calculation made with the Pushover Analysis Methods and the internal forces corresponding to the non-ductile (brittle) behavior, with the limit values ​​allowed for the selected performance level.

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