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Creating a Slab Hole

The Slab Hole command is used to open holes on the existing slab.

Location of Slab Hole Command

In the Architectural Program

You can access it under the ribbon menu Concrete tab, Concrete title.

In Structural Program

You can access it ribbon menu, Concrete tab, Concrete title.

Usage Stpes

To create a hole on the slab:

  • Click on the Slab Hole icon.

  • The slab toolbar will open.

  • Move your mouse over the slab you want to make a hole.

  • Create your first point for the closed polygon by clicking on the slab with the hole polygon.

  • You can draw a vertical edge by pressing the shift key on the keyboard.

  • When you click on the slab icon, the path segments dialog will open.

  • The Path Segments toolbar contains icons that allow you to draw the hole polygon line in straight, circular and curved form. You can switch between forms without exiting the command by clicking the icons.

  • This way create your closed polygon.

  • When you close your area, there will be a hole in the slab.

  • If a section is taken here or if it is checked in the perspective window, it is seen that the created closed polygon takes place as a hole in the slab.

Usage step

Creating the first point of the slab hole polygon

Creating the second point by obtaining a vertical edge by pressing the Shift key

Choosing a straight, circular or curved form for the hole polygon line

Closing the polygon by creating the fourth point of the hole polygon

Opening the slab hole

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