Let's determine the storey drifts obtained in the seismic loading of a 3-storey building with system consisting of a reinforced concrete moment transfer frame with a span of 2 * 4 m in the Y direction and a span of 2 * 6 + 8 m in the X direction, and let's compare it with the limit value. .


First of all, it is necessary to determine the column with the highest horizontal displacement in EX loading at each floor. For this, perspective screen - view analysis model - deformations - EX loading is selected. The X direction displacement of the top joint of the columns at each level is read.

For the determination of the relative translation, it is necessary to read the displacements that will give the greatest difference. The readings made in the other floors are as follows:

The values ​​read are the raw values ​​as a result of the analysis. It should be increased in accordance with TBDY 2018 4.8.4 according to the equivalent base shear force enlargement coefficient.

The equivalent base shear force amplification coefficient given for the X direction in the dynamic analysis report was determined as 1.22. The raw values ​​read on the perspective screen need to be incremented by 1.22. According to this;