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Structural Analytical Model

Open the Examine the Analysis Model.cde file with the optimized structural and examine the results by using Analysis+Design command.

Examine the Analysis Model.cde

  • Click the Analysis+Design (F9) command.

  • Do you want to perform analysis? question will be asked. Click the Yes button.

  • Wait for the analysis to complete in the ideCAD Structural Analysis Status window.

  • After the analysis is complete, click OK buton to close the window.

  • Click Structural Inspection in the ribbon menu.

  • From the View heading, click the Analysis Model command.

  • Rod and shell finite element analysis model is created automatically.

  • From the Ribbon Menu, Deformation heading, click on the 1.4G+1.6Q command.

  • Case/combination and animation occurs for 1.4G+1.6Q in the Visualization Window.

  • Click Visualization Dialog , Deformation tab, Case/combination list.

  • Select Modal E1.

  • Mod Shapes are created in the Visualization Window .

  • From the Visualization Dialog, click the Animate command.

  • An animation of Mod Shapes occurs in the Visualization Window .

  • From the Visualization Dialog , click the Stop command to stop the animation.

  • Click the Visualization Dialog, Deformation tab, Case/combination list.

  • Choose the combination G'+Q'+Ex-0.3Ey+0.3Ez.

  • Deformations occur in the Visualization Window.

  • From the Ribbon Menu, Frame Results heading, click on the Moment 3-3 command.

  • The Moment Diagram is created in the Visualization Window

  • From the Ribbon Menu, Purlin heading, click on the Moment 3-3 command.

  • Moment Diagrams of purlins are created in the Visualization Window .

  • From the Ribbon Menu, Shell Elements heading, click on the Shell Results .

  • On the Visualization Dialog, Shell Results tab, click on the Component list.

  • Select the Slab Results and M11.

  • Select 1.4G+1.6Q from the Case/combination list.

  • In the Visualization Window, finite element stresses will be occur.

  • From the Ribbon Menu , Shell Elements heading, open the As1 visible list.

  • Click the AS1 Under command.

  • In the Visualization Window, the required reinforcement area values ​​of the shell elements are created.

  • Open the Concrete All Failures list from the Ribbon Menu, Output heading.

  • Click the Concrete Insufficient Rebar Area command.

  • The results of the insufficiency occur in the Visualization Window .

  • It means that there is no insufficiency in the green colored elements, and there is an insufficiency in the red colored elements.

Follow the steps of the video below.


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