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Seismic Force-Resisting System Selection (

  • Building load-bearing system selection, Carrier System Behavior Coefficient R and Strength Excess Coefficient D are under user control.

  • R and D coefficients selected by the user in the analysis settings wizard and report results are checked automatically. R and D coefficients that do not comply with TBDY are not allowed.


D = Strength Redundancy Coefficient
I = Building Importance Coefficient
R = Structural System Behavior Coefficient

For in-situ reinforced concrete and steel structural systems, the Structural Behavior Coefficient R and the Strength Excess Coefficient D are defined in Table 4.1 .

Reinforced concrete and steel carrier systems are divided into three classes as given in Table 4.1 , which are structural systems with high ductility level , structural systems with limited ductility level and mixed structural systems . Ductility mixed delivery systems , ductility limited the frame carrier system high ductility level screens are systems formed using concrete or steel with bracing frame.

TBDY 2018 Wizard facilitates the selection of the Carrier System Behavior Coefficient R by making the necessary directions according to the selected ductility level .

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