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Nonlinear Analysis Example 1

Column Dimensions, 50x50 Beam Dimensions, 30x50 Storey height, 3m Number of floors, 3
C25 S420

The values ​​for the horizontal elastic design spectrum are given below.
Ss = 0.872 S1 = 0.266 ZC

Column reinforcements are arranged as 8Φ20 as follows.

Beam rebars are arranged as top reinforcement 3Φ18 and bottom reinforcement 2Φ18 in supports.

The version of the project file saved with v10.20 is attached below.

3 kat_saf_10_20.rar


When single-mode thrust analysis is done, base shear force-ceiling displacement values ​​for + X and + Y directions are given below.

The plastic hinge results at the lower end of the column are given below

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