• Single footing, strip footing and mat foundations are designed automatically according to Codes

International Design Codes

ACI 318-19 : Shallow Foundation

TSC 2018 :

Notation in ACI 318-19

Ag = gross area of concrete section, in2
As = area of nonprestressed longitudinal tension reinforcement, in2
Ec = modulus of elasticity of concrete, psi
Es = modulus of elasticity of reinforcement, psi
fc' = specified compressive strength of concrete, psi
fy = specified yield strength for nonprestressed reinforcement, psi
Mu = factored moment at section, in.-lb
β = ratio of long to short dimentions; clear spans for two-way slabs, sides of column, concentrated load or reaction area; or sides of a footing
γs = factor used to determine the portion of reinforcement located in center band of footing

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