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Stirrups used for torsion or integrity reinforcement can be made up of two pieces of reinforcement. This option can be choosen by users.

To anchore shear and torsional reinforcement properly, it is automatically done a hook or bend at the end of the reinforcement.

Stirrups are anchored ends get through with 135- degree standard hooks around a longitudinal bar automatically.

İnternational Design Codes

ACI 318-19 : Stirrups

TSC 2018 : Column Transverse Reinforcement Detailing and Limits Transverse Reinforcement Detailing for Beams.

Symbols in ACI

ld = development length in tension of deformed bar, deformed wire, plain and deformed welded wire reinforcement, or pretensioned strand, in.
d = distance from extreme fiber to centroid of longitudinal tension reinforcement, in.
λ = modification factor to reflect the reduced mechanical properties of lightweight concrete relative to normalweight concrete of the same compressive strength
db = nominal diameter of bar, wire, or prestressing strand, in
f'c = specified comprehensive strength of concrete, psi
fyt = specified yield strength of transverse reinforcement, psi

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