• Rigid end zones in the joint areas of reinforced concrete systems are automatically defined according to the section size and element placement.

In reinforced concrete systems, rigid ends are defined in the joints and this element is automatically determined according to the dimensions.

For a reinforced concrete system whose plan plane is given as below, the rigid regions to be defined in the column, beam and slab joints are taken into account in the analysis model. The lengths of rigid zones are automatically determined according to their dimensions.

The rigid ends of the junction area shown for the S09 column in the picture above are defined as follows.

The areas indicated in green in the picture are rigid elements defined due to column-beam junction and can be seen in the analysis model. The red zones are rigid zones defined by the slab-column-beam joint zone. If the slab is not defined, that is, the shell is not a finite element, the analysis model is defined as follows.

All of the rigid elements defined in the junction areas are created automatically in all systems, including the most complex systems.